Law Enforcement Professionals Endorse Laura Lee

“Laura Lee has the experience and judgment to be a great Sheriff for Midland County. She is my choice to partner with as a fellow Sheriff on our emergency planning and coordinated joint operations.”

Troy Cunningham
Bay County Sheriff

John Wilson
Clare County Sheriff

“…Laura is intelligent, driven, and will be a great asset as our Sheriff…”

Leon Valentine, Retired
Midland Sheriff’s Office

“Laura’s relaxed predisposition and level headed approach toward oversight will guide her well as Sheriff…”

Sally Watson Schmidt, Retired
Midland Police Department

“Laura is by far the best choice. I enthusiastically support Laura Lee for Midland County Sheriff. I believe her to be clear thinking, objective and focused on what is necessary, and able to make the tough decisions to protect the citizens of Midland County. If elected Sheriff, I believe she will maintain the morale of the Sheriff ’s office while keeping public safety and service a priority. I strongly endorse Laura Lee as a candidate for Midland County Sheriff.”

John DuBois, Retired Midland Police Department,
K9 Officer

“Laura possesses a rich blend of business administration and criminal justice education, law enforcement and administrative experience, and lifelong dedication to this community. She is uniquely qualified to be the next Midland County Sheriff. Laura Lee will be an excellent Sheriff.”

Karen Tomicek, Retired Midland Police Department, Sergeant

“Laura Lee has the appropriate academic credentials, law enforcement administrative expertise and real life work experience in the jail as a Deputized Corrections Officer. I am impressed by her professional demeanor. On every occasion I have worked with Laura Lee, she has impressed me as an ultimate professional, with having deep respect for the rights of all citizens!”

John Card, Retired Michigan State Police, Inspector

“Laura Lee proved herself in a high risk environment as a Deputized Corrections Officer while working in our Midland jail. She has the ability to work well with fellow co-workers and the community. She is an innovative problem solver. I am confident she will be a great Sheriff.”

Jason Haines, Retired Detective Lieutenant Michigan DNR

“Laura Lee’s proven leadership, dedication and trustworthiness make her the best choice for Midland County. She has both the intellect and private sector expertise to prioritize keeping our community safe with technology. Laura Lee
is capable of making the tough decisions.”

Joe Schneider, Retired Midland Police Department, Sergeant

“Laura Lee is the logical law enforcement choice to elect as the next Midland County Sheriff . The position of the Sheriff as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of our county, must have the best combination of EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE and COMMON SENSE to bring to the position. In speaking at length with her, Laura Lee clearly has these qualities and, therefore, I support her for Sheriff.”

Keith Stewart, Retired Lieutenant Midland Police Department

“Laura Lee has the multifaceted training and experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office and work hand-in-hand with her internal/external public safety partners.”

Tim Robbins, Retired
Spl/Sgt Michigan State Police

“Laura is a lifelong Midland County resident and understands the role of the modern sheriff. She has the diversified skill set required to successfully fulfill the position of our next sheriff. Laura Lee has the character and qualities to be your next sheriff.”

Dawn Mayer, Retired Midland Police Officer

“Laura Lee has both extensive experience with the administrative and operational functions of the Midland Sheriff’s Office. This combined with her significant academic credentials and professional composure has earned my vote.”

Jeffrey Fox, Retired Midland County Sheriff’s Office

“In my 23 years in law enforcement, I have worked with all the candidates. Laura Lee is the only candidate with the combination of leadership skills, education and experience to be responsible for a multi-million dollar budget, operate a safe and secure jail, manage employees from multiple divisions and keep our community safe. Laura has my endorsement and my vote!”

Ann Gaydos, Retired Midland County Sheriff’s Office

“The position of our modern Sheriff is a professional executive leader and administrator. This leadership position consists of administrative management, business administration, employee and labor relations, public relations, community involvement and communication responsibilities. These crucial administrative responsibilities are in addition to facilitating the necessary resources and training are provided for the deputies to perform their duties in preserving the peace and safety of residents, in addition to operating a safe and secure jail. Laura has the character, qualities, education, and experience, to lead the office as a modern Sheriff. I endorse Laura Lee to be the next Midland County Sheriff.”

Ken Mault, Retired Midland County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Lieutenant

“Laura Lee is a Midland native who understands the duties, responsibilities and challenges of the modern Sheriff. She is hard working, professional, and sincere in her desire to serve Midland County. Laura Lee will be an outstanding Sheriff.”

Jim Hurd, Retired Midland Police Department, Detective Lieutenant

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