The Modern Sheriff — Professional Executive Leader & Administrator

The historic role of the county Sheriff has evolved into a professional executive leadership position consisting of administrative management, business administration, employee and labor relations, public relations, community involvement and communication responsibilities.  These crucial administrative responsibilities are in addition to the constitutionally mandated requirement of managing and operating a safe and secure jail.

Deputized Corrections Officer


  • Trained, Certified and Deputized Corrections Officer
  • “Boots on the Ground” frontline inmate security, critical public safety service
  • Assisted jail administration and operations
  • Sheriff’s office administrative/public speaking functions
  • Private sector: project management, contracts, vendor procurement, HR


  • Northwood BBA, Delta AAA Criminal Justice
  • Midland Public Schools
  • D.A.R.E., Senior Services, Zonta, Midland 100 Club, 4-H
  • Born and raised in Midland
“…Laura Lee has both the strength of character and experience to be our next Sheriff…”

Lisa & Howard Ungerleider

“…I am voting for Laura Lee for Midland County Sheriff…”

Nancy Camp

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