First Responders & Midland County Leaders Support Laura Lee

“Laura has the legitimate law enforcement and private sector credentials to be the Modern Sheriff Midland County deserves. She is educated, professional, authentic, consistent and dedicated to our community. I know when we elect her as our next Sheriff we can count on that continuing. She has our vote and full support!”

Dr. Margueritte Kuhn & Randall Frank

“Laura Lee has the qualifications to fulfill and excel as the Midland County Sheriff. Her education, experience, and level headed demeanor will be a win for our community.”

Jen & Mark Butcher

“Laura and I are both on the board of the Midland County DARE Association and I am voting for and supporting her for Sheriff.”

Mark R. Freed

“Her education, training, and commitment to the citizens of Midland County is unmatched and we wholeheartedly support her!”

Scott & Barbara Haines

“…I am voting for Laura Lee for
Midland County Sheriff…”

Nancy Camp

“…Laura has the knowledge and energy to be Midland’s Sheriff…”

Roger Garner, Retired
Midland County Emergency Management

“Laura has the leadership qualities and communication skills to be an effective Midland Sheriff.”

Al Kloha, Retired Midland County Commissioner

“…As a proven and talented leader, Laura Lee will continue to be a facilitator and catalyst to sustain employee morale and develop programs to build community trust and safety… Please join me in voting for Laura Lee…”

Dick Touvell

“I like Laura’s hybrid private/public sector background. It allows for outside-the-box perspective at problem solving. Vote Laura Lee for Midland County Sheriff!”

Jim Geisler, Midland County Commissioner

“Laura Lee has the perfect balance of temperament, experience, training and passion to be what Midland County needs in a Sheriff. She has my complete support.”

Julie Atkinson, Midland County Register of Deeds

“Laura Lee is exactly who Midland County needs as its Sheriff. No one is as hardworking, steady and thorough as Laura. She is rigorous, innovative, compassionate, fair, tough, and creative. Her community mindedness is second to none. If help is needed, Laura is the first called upon and always the first to respond. Not with fanfare, but quietly, respectfully and effectively.”

Charlie Schwedler

“…Laura Lee has both the strength of character and experience to be our next Sheriff…”

Lisa & Howard Ungerleider

“Laura has the administrative experience to run the Sheriffs Office. She has the necessary law enforcement experience to understand what is needed for those on the front lines and the compassion to ensure the policing is safe for all citizens.”

Shelley Hobbs

“Laura’s hard work ethic and dedication to Midland County has earned my vote!”

Curt Shaffner, Trustee Ingersoll Township

“Laura has earned the respect of the Midland community with her work ethic and consistent follow through. When we elect her, we can count on that continuing.”

Dick Goodell, Retired Chief Mills Township Fire Department

“It has been my honor over the past 8 years to know and work with Laura Lee in a professional capacity. I have witnessed her knowledge, integrity, leadership skills, professionalism and commitment to work with all agencies in emergency services. I am truly confident that Laura would be an excellent Sheriff and I am proud to endorse her to be the next Sheriff for Midland County.”

Greg Weisbarth, Retired Asst. Chief of Training & Safety Midland Fire Department

“…I am voting Laura Lee for Sheriff…”

Dr. Dennis Wagner

“I have known Laura for almost 30 years. She is involved and supportive of many public programs, organizations and areas of our community. Laura Lee is truly the one for the job!”

Yvonne Corbat, Retired Midland County Commissioner

“Laura Lee is well respected in Midland County. She is an excellent communicator and her diverse skill set separates her above the other candidates. I truly admire her extensive community involvement. I think she will be an outstanding Sheriff!”

Sam (Adam) SanMiguel, Retired Midland County Road Commission

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